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About Me

The Beauty Genie🧞‍♀️


I believe women should be 2 things; Classy & Intelligent. My name is Taija Chanel CEO/Owner of I'Vasia Beauty. I specialize in eyelash extensions & all things beauty. I have always had a passion for this industry as I began working full time as a receptionist along side professional technicians in a nail spa. I worked in the industry 6 years all while learning & wanting to perform services on my own. Seeing how good women feel leaving the salon after getting their nails and eyelashes done is part of the reason I love doing what i do. Life gets hard; there is no doubt about that, but that shouldn't stop you from doing what you love to do. I am a mom of 3 and its not easy trying to juggle life, work and run a business, but as a woman most importantly a mom, we make sure we get things done. As a young woman I developed the passion for make up & eyelash extensions. As I developed this passion I  had to teach myself the pros & cons of both industries & have been putting my twist on things ever since. I have been in this industry  for 10 years and love every aspect of it. I also have gotten certification to perform services in the state of Maryland. Now with that being said allow me to ACTIVE YOUR BAD BITCH. look no further and book your appointment with

Taija Chanel

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