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I'Vasia Beauty:Getting Into Lashes.

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Welcome to my personal blog. Today’s blog is about how I came about doing eyelashes. I started out at a young age. Right after I graduated high school I started working in a nail salon on the lower level of the mall. They offered the service of applying cluster eyelashes. This was way before mink eyelashes were even thought of. I watched the technicians as they would perform this service and at times I would get my own lashes done but they would be the cluster set. This was basically my way of doing my own research on how to apply lashes and I would see that most of the time their work would look good but other times it would look like they left too much glue, or the customer would complain about how their eyes burn. This made me want to get into it. One day I came into work and they had a set of strip eyelashes in one of their drawers and said that I could wear them if I would like to, I took the offer and tried to apply them, but I did not know how.

Starting Out Cluster Set (2016)

So, I got the idea of looking up how to apply them on YouTube. There I learned step by step how to apply strip lashes I would cut the lashes into 3 sections and apply each section one by one. Eventually I learned to apply the entire lash in one piece. I learned this back in 2012 and have been doing them on myself ever since. Getting more and more into doing lashes I wanted to learn how to apply the cluster lashes. So, I started teaching myself how to do them, on myself. After I felt as though I was good enough to perform my newly developed skill I started telling people of my skill. Since then I have done ample research and work and became more and more fascinated with the skill. I will continue to learn all I can and share all I know with those who wish to learn. Lash classes will be coming soon!!

Being a lash tech take a lot of patience and time. I am a mother of 3 and still to this day I have no idea how I have developed such a strong scene of patience. I am also a bit of a perfectionist and I must make sure my work is done properly. Getting into this industry was not easy either. I have had some clients complain about how lashes didn't last long enough of their lashes have come off completely overnight.

"We all will have times where we have failed but that does not mean you are not the at what you do or want to do in life."- Taija Chanel

I continue to push myself every day and remind

myself that I am the best at what I do, and no one will tell me otherwise. keeping a positive mindset is also a big part of getting into this industry. someone will always be better than you. they will have more experience, more clients, more money, more support, ETC. but that should NEVER stop you from self-motivating yourself! you should have a mindset where it’s like " I want as many clients as she has, or I want to make this amount of money a month just like her." YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK. yes, there will be times where you feel like nothing is happening. You will fill like no one is supporting you, liking your post, viewing your stories, buying your product, or booking appointments with you. I have felt like this too. But, I get through it but keeping my faith in GOD and putting in work letting people know that I'm not going to stop perfecting my craft just because I had one bad client. that gives me the motivation to push harder. to learn more about what I did wrong and what I need to do next time. I always take criticism into consideration and i do not let little things get to me. when it comes to this kind of business you cannot let people take advantage of you either! You are an artist at the end of the day!

Thank you!

-Taija Chanel

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